We at Green River Post, LLC would like to thank: Tri County Pole Barns in Cynthiana, Kentucky for their excellent sales on 5x7s and 7x8 pressure treated wood posts. We value you and your business very much, and hope you keep circulating lots of posts through your company! Again, thank you!!

On another note:

We currently are building up a tremendous amount of wood fence posts, for the spring rush, and hopefully we won’t run short again of pressure treated fence posts. We are taking extreme measures to treat each and every fence post to a minimum level of (.40 ) and be sure to bring you a quality fence post each and every time.

All our wood posts are southern yellow pine, and are debarked, air dried, and treated with: CCA. The southern yellow pine is the most durable, and strongest fence post in the market.

Let me say this, if you’re looking for a perfect wood post , then you need to realize that the treatable part of the post has to be removed, and lots of the heartwood is left exposed, and the heartwood part of the post is too hard to penetrate with treatment.. This process greatly reduces the life of the fence post. We're looking forward to serving you with all your wooden fence post needs.

-Sam Hofer