I guarantee you will not only love our pricing but also the quality of our #1 Quality pressure treated privacy fence boards now available for purchase in bulk at exceptional pricing!  We control the entire process of our pine fencing products from harvest to the end-user, so we can guarantee the job done properly. Our treating process is also highly monitored by the professional staff of Arch Chemical, who regularly has samples tested and recorded so we have records of our treating history. Our wood fencing plant has also been closely supervised by the E.P.A. to maintain the fact that our environment is under the best of protection at all times.

  • 5-1/2" wide by 5/8" thick - 6 ft boards $1.10 ea*
  • 6" wide by 5/8" thick -  6 ft boards $1.15 ea*
  • 6" wide by 5/8" thick  - 8 ft boards $1.50 ea*

Each of our fence treating staff has been schooled, and has obtained their operators license to properly apply the preserving chemicals to our products.

Our Privacy Fence Boards facility has just been fitted with a new Brewco four head Band Saw (B-800) which operates a 2 inch wide band to deliver pristine premium boards to our clientele. The reason we chose the B-800s is to insure the consistency of our boards width. This for many companies is the number one issue, to deliver their customers with boards that maintain their same width throughout the entire production process. As soon as these boards are cut, they are immediately treated with M.C.A. to the maximum capacity. In this industry one of the greatest issues is keeping mold from developing between the slats, therefore we use a maximum mold inhibitor for each bundle of our treated privacy fence boards.

Our goal at Green River Post, LLC as a wholesale fence supplier, is to provide excellent fencing products and service, to all our fencing contractors, fence builders, and farmers rebuilding their wooden fencing and corrals, or putting up new wooden fence. Our goal is to give you the very best pressure treated fence posts, fence boards, and privacy fence boarding that that is available on the market so you can complete your fencing project and know you've never wasted a ton of money on an inferior product.

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*pricing is per individual board and must be purchased in truckload bundle quantities. 
- Our 5.5" x 6 ft boards are in bundles of 320 and require a minimum of 18 bundles.
- Our 6" x 6 ft boards are in bundles of 280 and require a minimum of 18 bundles.
- Our 8' privacy fence boards are in bundles of 280 and require a minimum of 13 bundles. 
Pricing and availability are subject to change.